Portlane AS42708 Peering Policy

Network Infrastructure

The applicant must operate a network with sufficient redundancy to handle simultaneous single node outages without affecting traffic being exchanged.

Each party must establish and maintain interconnects with enough capacity to support the traffic being exchanged and at geographically dispersed locations to ensure robustness and mutually acceptable latency.

A minimum average traffic level of 500 Mbps measured at 5 minute intervals over 24 hours is required.

If the aggregate peering traffic exceeds 15% of either party’s total port capacity at a public Internet exchange, the peering shall be replaced with a PNI.

Portlane will not establish peering over interconnections with lower capacity than 10Gbps.

Operational requirements

Both parties shall provide contact information to their NOC.

It is required that the Applicant maintains an up-to-date PeeringDB record.

Both parties must actively cooperate in resolving security incidents and network abuse.


Prefixes longer than /24 for IPv4 and /48 for IPv6 will not be accepted.

Prefixes shorter than /8 for IPv4 and /16 for IPv6 will not be accepted.

Portlane will announce prefixes as announced by the customer.

The Applicant shall register routes with an Internet registry such as RIPE and shall only announce those registered routes.

The Applicant shall not establish any static routes directed at Portlane.

The Applicant shall only announce its own and customer routes to Portlane. It should not announce any routes learned from other peers or transit.

The Applicant shall announce consistent routes at all peering points unless otherwise agreed upon.

General Policy

Portlane may at any time modify, replace or discontinue this policy at Portlane’s own discretion without any prior notice.

Neither party shall apply any charges to the other. Expenditures for private interconnections shall be shared equally between Portlane and Applicant.

Portlane reserves the right to terminate the peering at any time with 30 days notice.

This policy is a guideline. Meeting all the requirements stated here does not guarantee that Portlane will enter into a settlement-free peering relationship with Applicant.

Portlane may honor legacy peers not entirely matching the requirements outlined in this policy at its own discretion.

Any exceptions to this policy will be granted at the sole discretion of Portlane.

A party cannot at the same time be both a transit customer and a peering partner of Portlane or other companies in the group.

Portlane will normally not peer with Applicant if Portlane is already peering with Applicant’s upstream provider(s) in the same geographic region.